Stoneweave Concrete Tiles and Countertops

Stoneweave surfaces are hand crafted using natural and recycled compounds. Every top is unique and colours and textures may vary. Each valued client will have their very own masterpiece. Samples are an indication.

Applications: Outdoor tiles, Pool copings, cladding, splashbacks, outdoor flooring slabs, under fire hearths, bar counters, braai counters, table tops, commercial office tops, high heat areas, countertops, restaurant tops, stairs, plates, serving platters, trivets, Boardroom tables, fireplace surrounds,

Previous clients: Belgotex, Nandos, Kuaia, Woolworths, Zimbali lodge, Glenelly wine estate, La Paris wedding venue, homeowners, commercial offices, architects and interior designers.
Custom designs available

Why Stoneweave?

  • Triple the MPA of standard structural concrete
  • Excellent flexural strength and chip resistance
  • Thickness from 10mm – 50mm available
  • Unlimited sheet sizes
  • Recycled glass is used for beauty and strength
  • Excellent outdoors an an all weather material
  • Specialised sealants available and sealed at no extra cost
  • Unlimited edge profiles and mitre joints


1. Stoneweave engineered concrete surfaces are mostly higher Mpa than industrial structural precast concrete such as lintels or pre stressed beams.
2. Special fibres are mixed in with the concrete and become interwoven with each other. This further adds to the strength of the countertops and prevents chipping and cracking, even along the edges.
3. Lighter coloured countertops are sealed with a specialised UV protected topical coating to prevent any staining. This leaves an extremely hard wearing surface with a very high heat rating (similar to engineered stone). The darker coloured countertops do not show stains but are sealed with a permeable sealer. Surface maintenance with normal household wax products is recommended to maintain a polished finish on the tops with the permeable coating.
4. Three basic colours that are readily available are Beach White, Storm Grey and Carbon Black. We also do a range of custom colours with or without recycled glass, stone and marble chips.
5. Recycled glass chips are used that would otherwise end up in a landfill.
6. Standard thickness is 20mm, we can do custom thickness or frontal/lip to create a false thick slab that is lighter in weight.
7. Sizes cut from larger sheets 3000mm x 1500mm or larger made up on request.
8. Bullnose, mitre 45” cuts, softened edges are optional.
9. Cladding can be made in large sheets.
10. Terrazzo polished concrete tiles in a range of sizes, colours and finishes.
11. Custom made products upon request from furniture to baths.
There are two types of sealants we offer:

Option A : Topical/surface coating which is stain and acid resistant but can melt if a very hot pot placed directly on it or can be scratched if someone intentionally scars it. In both of these situations repair is very simple just reapply. It is UV stable so will not yellow. This gives a satin sheen finish. More commonly used for white concrete tops as these stain easily. Sort of like a really good quality varnish but for concrete.

Option B : Permeable coating seeps into the concrete until the surface is saturated. This contains various sealant properties and creates a protective layer that prevents liquids from going into the concrete. The upkeep is to simply apply cobra wax to maintain the surface. The benefit is that concrete can take very high heats and the coating and wax will melt but reform when the heat is removed. The layer cannot be scratched off as it is in the concrete. This is better for the darker concrete as they show less staining or acid etching. We have used this in many retail outlets with great success. This is sometimes preferred as one maintains the raw natural beauty if the polished stone.

Beautiful white concrete furniture tables