Stoneweave – concrete terrazzo tiles colours and sizes optional and custom made for each client
Stoneweave surfaces are hand crafted using natural and recycled compounds. Every tile is unique and colours and textures may vary. Each valued client will have their very own masterpiece. Samples are an indication.

Terrazzo Concrete Tiles

Terrazzo Concrete Tiles

Customised colour and size concrete tiles. This picture of polished concrete shows the blue glass chips that were cast into the concrete. The surface was skimmed and polished to expose the sand particles and glass chips hidden inside the concrete. A range of concrete flooring options available countrywide.

Concrete Countertops

Kitchen counter tops and Bathroom counter tops. Imitation stone cast out of concrete and polished to a beautiful shine. Great hard wearing and trendy concrete counter tops are all the rage. Concrete is an Eco friendly product for counter tops manufactured in Cape Town.



Kitchen countertops and Bathroom countertops. Imitation stone cast out of concrete and polished to a beautiful shine. Great hard wearing and trendy concrete countertops are modern and trendy.

Terrazzo concrete tile with recycled glass chips

Concrete Tile Offers More Colour and Size Options

You’re not limited to a predetermined colour palette or size as is typical with factory-produced tile. With concrete, you can customise the colour of your tiles to blend with your décor, such as choosing a shade that complements the wallpaper in your kitchen. Concrete tile manufacturers offer thousands of color options, ranging from soft natural earth tones to vibrant cherry reds. You can go with a uniform colour or add more character by dreaming up a custom coluor blend.

Stoneweave can supply a vast range of concrete tiles in many colours and sizes. Custom made for each clients requirements.

Concrete naturally varies in colour. Every piece is unique. Concrete Terrazzo tiles are similar to pottery. You never know what you will end up with untill the pottery leaves the kiln. Similar to concrete that is polished like Terrazzo concrete tiles that will only show their true beauty once the top layer has been ground away to expose what is hidden beneath.