Bespoke Kitchen Countertops

High end concrete kitchen countertops provide an alternative to engineered stone and granite kitchen countertops. We manufacture 3 colours namely: Beach white, Storm grey and Carbon black.

Handcrafted by VibraNeat it is locally manufactured and supporting South African manufacturing.

White and cream kitchen countertops are rare and generally more costly. A natural product is always a better option. Beach white kitchen countertops are Eco friendly and locally made. Most other tops such as granite and engineered stone are generally imported.

Q: How does concrete compare to granite countertops?

A: “Concrete is very similar to granite in terms of physical properties. It’s a hard, durable surface, and it weighs about the same as granite. It is templated and installed just like granite. It’s very practical in the kitchen. The main difference is the look. Concrete has a more natural, matte look, and it is completely customizable. It really fills a void in countertop looks. What other types of countertop materials are you considering?”

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Question: Do concrete countertops stain and require a lot of maintenance?

Answer:Concrete actually behave similar to granite in this regard. Granite countertops are also porous and have to be sealed and maintained. Most people don’t realize this, because granite is usually too dark and patterned to show stains.”


Client Countertop

Kitchen countertops Cape Town

Beautiful kitchens need beautiful worktops. Trendy and versatile concrete tops have been designed to create beauty and comfort for the heart of the home.
For the most cost effective solution regarding your kitchen counters Vibraneat offers a fantastic new product that will beautify your home. These worktops are designed to look great, feel great, be hygienic, easy to clean, offer value for money, and be tough like concrete but look fabulous.