Concrete Countertops

Kitchen countertops & Bathroom countertops. Imitation stone cast out of concrete & polished to a beautiful shine. Great hard wearing and trendy concrete countertops.

Retaining Wall

Retaining Walls

For the most attractive engineering approved retaining wall system. Vibra Neat Precast Walls has installed engineering approved retaining walls solutions around Cape Town.



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Vibra Neat is

  • Strongest, lightest, best looking and lowest cost concrete palisades
  • Factory open to the public at the best prices
  • We manufacture custom made concrete products to your specifications
  • Contact us for free on site quotations
  • Thinnest retaining wall on the market
  • Patented product & trademarked name
  • Stronger than vibracrete or block walls and noise abatement
  • Fast installation and can be build up to 3 metres high.
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What our clients say

We were confused with all the options out there and massive price differences. It was a relief to find something that we could rely on and it looks great.
Thank you very much for attending to the finishing touches. I will definitely give you a good reference for future customers.